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"Thanks so very much for sending the reports of the two properties we have listed with you. As I related to you, we are retired and had no idea of the vulnerability we were exposed to in this day of title and identity theft. My wife and I had done our own research, and found you and your company to be the most comprehensive and trustworthy to deal with."

David and Julie P. Lubbock, TX

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"From the day I signed on to Home Title Lock it was a couple of days later when I received a report about a lien against my property that I didn't know about. We got it fixed right away. There is no price you can put on that, the value of Home Title Lock is immeasurable."

Home Title Lock Customer Reviews

"I just signed up and now I read the feedback here. I checked this company out through Experian and I believe I will sleep easier at night having the coverage. I had an identity theft once and it is hard to recover. With Home Title Lock I believe they would save me time and heartache in the event something were to happen. We just never know and the price is really low. I mean I buy Earthquake insurance and homeowners insurance so why not add one more level of protection. They will keep an eye on my home title, that is Awesome!"

Lennda B. from California

"I've been a Home Title Lock customer for 2 years. Their customer service is excellent and I most appreciate the comfort that comes from knowing that I will be immediately alerted and assisted if anyone ever attempts to fraudulently use my title. I feel protected from the stress and anxiety of having to sort through any fraudulent claims or identity theft issues because of the safeguards I receive from my Home Title Lock policy. I highly recommend this company and their services if you want peace of mind when it comes to any unscrupulous claims against your home."

Olivia G. from Georgia

"I am grateful to Home Title Lock for having alerted me to the fraudulent documents that were recorded by JPMorgan Chase pretending Washington Mutual assigned my loan to JPMC. Because Home Title Lock alerted me, I was able to take effective action to stop the theft of my home. I have had amazing help from their customer service! TWICE in just nine months, they has assisted me in getting the fraudulent documents and some vital and real information. Home Title Lock may be one of the few tools left to monitor your property title. GET IT! A wonderful service."

Ronald L. from Oregon

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